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The Retirement Industry Trust Association (RITA) consists of regulated banks and trust companies that serve as custodians, administrators of self-directed retirement accounts and service providers.  One of RITA’s goals to encourage best practices in the self-directed industry, including providing comprehensive information and education for members, professionals, regulators, interested parties and investors related to self-directed investing.

An important element of our proactive initiative to educate investors is to seek out and provide the best available resources related to safe investing and fraud avoidance.  In addition, RITA is continually working with financial regulators and enforcement agencies to update our knowledge in these areas, so we can pass it along to investors and others who may benefit.

In this ongoing effort to provide the latest updates and education to both investors and professionals involved with self-directed retirement investing, the Retirement Industry Trust Association has provided the resources and links below.

We also created a video that explains the 4-step process to self-direct your IRA.

The General Information category below provides resources to help investors understand the factors surrounding investing and investment decisions, including what to avoid to protect your savings portfolio.

The Alerts category are the latest investor alerts from regulatory agencies regarding trends and techniques related to investment scams and fraud.

Fighting Fraud resources provide the investors with tools and recommendations as to avoiding and fighting fraud.

Tools lists free automated on-line tools to enable an investor to determine if they may become or are a victim of fraud.

Finally, Resources for Seniors provides suggestions specifically for senior citizens, including a discussion of the techniques used by fraudsters when targeting seniors.

If you have questions after consulting with any of these resources, please use the links to RITA’s main website to contact us for assistance.

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Resources for Seniors:

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